Please fill out all fields. Please write N/A In fields that do not apply otherwise you will not be able to submit the application. If you do not have a significant other fill in your information again in that field or put 000-000-0000 and for the email section. Failure to follow these instructions will result in error message and inability to submit the application. Application questions left with blanks(exceptions if you do not have a significant other) will be discarded and will NOT be processed. Filling out our application does not guarantee placement of a puppy in your home. We consider many factors with placement of a DarkHorse Cane Corso puppy. 

Please do not fill out an application if you do not want a cropped and docked puppy. WE CROP AND DOCK ALL PUPPIES PRIOR TO PLACEMENT. 

Please use a desktop to fill out this application, do not fill this out using a mobile device. Previous applicants have experienced technical difficulties with submission and this app does take some time to fill out. 

Please understand that these dogs are our passion, they are not a means of income for us. Both myself and my husband work full-time, along with tending to our dogs and our house, our children have activities and school functions that we have to attend to. 

We do not begin processing applications until we have a litter planned. If you do not see a litter announcement on our page, we will not be processing your application immediately. If you are looking for a puppy immediately and we do not currently have a litter planned the wait time for a DarkHorse puppy is typically 9-12 months. Gestation from the time of breeding is approximately 63 days(Roughly 2 months) then puppies remain with us for another 9 weeks(2 months and 1 week) until they go home. Therefore from time of breeding to when puppies leave, is approximately 4 and a half months.

If you have questions for us prior to a planned breeding or want to have an application and deposit on file in between litters we are happy to process your application so that you can be waitlisted and be on the shortlist for the next litter. We do not add anyone to our active waitlist without a deposit. 

Thank you,

Paula and Andrew Zaro 

DarkHorse Cane Corso