Our Training Philosophy

We believe in tailoring training plans to the individual dog and owner. We are here to help facilitate and strengthen the bond between Canine and Owner. We are not a one size fits all training philosophy. Just as we do not all learn and master skills the same way, we feel that dogs should not be subject to that either. Different breeds and archetypes learn and train differently. We use a variety of tools in order to not get complacent with our training methodology. In order to create the best training experience for our clients, we like to start with a one hour evaluation and sit down session to get to know you, your dogs, and what you want to accomplish with them. Whether you have basic manners in mind, or you want to achieve obedience , rally or other AKC titles, we will help you get on the right track to the future you see with your dog.


About Paula

Paula began her training journey very early on in life. At the tender age of 15 the German Shepherd Rescue she volunteered for as a teenager guided her in the direction of her mentor Teresa Gray(now 15 years in mentorship), when her adopted GSD Zoey started displaying some concerning behaviors. One year later...Paula was hooked! Zoey went on to become a therapy, obedience and dock diving dog, she passed away in 2008 but her memory will live on in the work that Paula continues today in her love for dogs, training, and ensuring sound companions for her clients. In 2007 Paula completed her internship and obtained her certification as a Behavior Modification Specialist, she specializes in handling clients that have issues with aggression, anxiety and health related behavioral issues. In 2007 she obtained her AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator Certification and has been certified to test dogs for CGC, CGCA, CGCU and STAR Puppy for the last 9 years. In 2009 Paula obtained her Evaluator Certification for Therapy Dog's Institute, she is certified to administer therapy certification and also to teach other trainers how to apply methods in order to become certified. Paula is certified thru the International Association of Professional Dog Trainers(2014) and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers(2015). Paula is currently enrolled at Penn Foster studying to be a Veterinary Technician and will continue on to school in Boston MA for a degree in Animal Sciences with a Pre-Veterinary Focus. 

Paula and Mona

Offered Courses

Puppy Kindergarden 

Basic Obedience 




Therapy Preparation 


Competitive Obedience 

Behavior Modification