Do you belong to a breed club?

Yes, I am a member of the Cane Corso Association of America going on 4 years, the CCAA is the parent club to the American Kennel Club. I am also a member of The Great Dane Club of Milwaukee since 2007. I am active in club events including specialities, trophies and awards, and participating in show volunteer work. 

Can I meet the sire and dam when I come pick up my puppy?

While you will always be able to meet the dam(mother) of our litters, it is not always a possibility to meet the sire. We try to make the best possible combinations for our breedings, and sometimes that means using a sire that maybe hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Rest assured we strive to use the best studs dogs to create the best puppies we can for not only our breeding program, but also for our companion families as well! 

How many litters do you have a year?

Raising, caring for, training and socializing puppies is an enormous amount of work. All of our adult dogs, adolescents, and puppies live INSIDE our home, and we do not have a kennel setup. For this reason, we typically only have one litter a year, maybe two depending on the ages and timing of our females, when they come into heat, and health testing completion. Breeding dogs is not how we pay our bills, it is not a business to make money, it is a passion and a hobby for the preservation of this breed that we love so much. We breed to produce our next generation, and our next show and working dogs. We would prefer to be out showing, going to trials, and doing therapy work rather than constantly having a litter, and for that reason, we only breed once a year. 

I want a solid blue or solid black dog. Do you have one for me to buy?

We understand that people are esthetically drawn to a certain color, and there is certainly something beautiful about a solid black, or solid grey dog however, we do not take color reservations or deposits. This is not a breed that you can place into a home strictly based on color. Our goal with placement is to match the temperament of the puppy, with the experience and energy level of the home. Do we have grey or black puppies available and might they be a match to your home? Certainly they can be, but color will not be the deciding factor in placement. Our job is to make the best match for the home so that you may enjoy your DarkHorse puppy for years to come! 


Ear Cropping, do they have to be done? I prefer natural ears.

We have made the decision to crop all of our puppies prior to placement. This is not a decision we take lightly, and we know we may lose homes because of this, however, we are preservation breeders, and the Cane Corso is a cropped and docked breed. There is nothing more regal about a Cane Corso they a Cane Corso with a beautiful crop. Overall health, and look is important, and that is something we want to continue to strive for, for this reason, we crop all of our puppies prior to placement. Floppy ears are a man-made concoction from breeding dogs with improper ear sets. Not only is the cropped ear more appealing to the eye, but it is safer for the animal in relation to ear tears, hematomas and ear infections which can result in ruptured ears drums, and in some cases even hearing loss. 

Health Testing vs. Healthy, what is the difference?

Any veterinarian can look over an animal on the outside and deem them "healthy", but this does not mean that genetically the dog is healthy enough to reproduce. Cane Corso are susceptible to numerous health issues including cardiac disease, hip, shoulder and elbow dysplasia as well as eye issue, thyroid problems, epilepsy and dentition issue. These tests can only be preformed using specific testing protocols, and submitting them to organizations like the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals( and PennHip. Some of these tests must be performed by specialists and cannot be conducted by a routine veterinarian.